Year 6 Enrichment Classes - Advanced Mathematics and Mandarin


Our Year 6 students will see some changes on their return from camp to some of their classes. Apart from Dr Priest’s Year 6 Enrichment Mathematics class, we are pleased to be able to note that two further classes have been added to the Year 6 timetable.

The first of these is an Advanced Mathematics class to be held with myself once a week with the more able mathematicians in Year 6, who will be accelerating their mathematics beyond the routine Year 6 curriculum.

The second class is an Advanced Mandarin class, which will take place at the same time as the regular Mandarin class. In this way, our novice speakers will have much more access to their own teacher and the more experienced speakers will be able to progress their knowledge, understanding and practice in Mandarin to a more advanced level. These two classes are significant additions to the Year 6 program, which we hope will enhance the provision for our more able students even further.