Year 6 Science Exposition


What type of chocolate melts fastest in your lunchbox? Which brand of paper towel soaks up the most water? And which brand of battery is the best value for money?


These are just some of the interesting questions that Year 6 students have been exploring for their 'first hand' investigation this term.


Each student thought of their own question to investigate, then planned and conducted their investigation at home. This week, they presented their investigations at the Year 6 Science Exposition(Expo). The standard of work was very impressive. Here are a few short reports from 6W.


On Thursday 3 September 2015, a Science Expo was launched for the Year 6 students to showcase their own science investigations and the Year 5 and 7 students along with parents and staff, came to see the amazing reports. We got to learn so much from this as well as having some fun with young amazing scientists!

Kar Shane Yeow, 6W


For my science project, I investigated which product is the best at removing ketchup stains from cloth?


The three products I tested were:

  • Bleach
  • Distilled White Vinegar
  • 10 Degrees Celsius Water


My hypothesis (prediction) was that the bleach would remove the most stain because unlike the other two products, bleach is mainly used for cleaning cloth and bleach contains strong chemicals, such as hydrogen peroxide, which is effective when it comes to stain removal. Also, many people use bleach when they are trying to remove stains.


After I performed my investigation, my results showed that the bleach removed most of the stain but did not remove it completely, while the vinegar and water did not remove any of the stain. Instead, the vinegar and water spread the stain out further. I think this is because the bleach contained powerful chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide and hypochlorite.

Priyanka Krishna, 6W