Year 7 Camp - Lumut


“Don’t worry’ bout a thing,

‘Cause every little thing is going to be alright”

So sang Year 7 as they waved goodbye to parents and hit the soggy road north to Lumut. And every little thing was alright! As we approached Lumut town, the clouds parted, the sun appeared and the rain dried up. It was the beginning of 5 days of glorious weather to accompany the challenges, friendship and fun of Year 7 Camp 2017.

With kayaking, ropes course, team obstacle challenges, camp fire, performance night, evening programs, service learning and island hopping it was a jam packed 5 days of activity and learning. 

Ropes Course - Ethan Olsen, 7G

Camp was a great experience but the one of the most challenging parts was the ropes course. The ropes course was a series of wire ropes that were connected to tall thick trees. But before we even got to the ropes course, we had to climb to the top of a mountain! Students worked in groups to help each other put on the harness correctly and then to help and support each other as we completed each of the stations. In all, the ropes course was a great experience and all of us had a great time.

Beach Clean - Alice Tan, 7G

When the beautiful sun was setting on the horizon, our group divided into smaller teams to clean the beach. Luckily the group before us had already cleaned a lot already so we didn’t have to do much work. (Thanks!) However, we still found a lot rubbish hidden in the bushes - glass bottles, shorts, shirts and even fishing nets! Even though we had thought that there had not been much within minutes we had filled the large garbage bag! I am sure that there was still even more rubbish hidden underneath but the sky had darkened and it was time to leave for a tasty dinner! Although it was hard work, it was fun working together as a team.

Island Hopping

The glorious last day of island hopping was picked by many as a favourite activity. The sparkling blue water of Teluk Nippon provided a picturesque backdrop to beach play and much laughter. There was hole digging, log rescuing, raids by monkeys, sand spa treatments and even snoozing. Some students seemed to never leave the water!

It was a tired but happy group of students and teachers who piled onto the buses on Friday morning. Once again the words of Bob Marley’s ‘Three Little Birds’ filled the air and we all got a chance to reflect on the fact, that yes indeed, every little thing was alright!

Student comments

“It was the greatest experience of my life!” Malavika Suresh, 7G

“The gratitude activity at the end was a perfect way to express feelings and everyone felt really appreciated (the activity was really beautiful).” Mia Tan, 7G

“The monkeys were so cool” Anna Huggel, 7W

“The camp was AWESOME!!! I hope we can have camp again!” Elly Jeong, 7G

“I can rely on my friends” Sacha Houard, 7W