Young Geniuses Win Top Prizes for 3D Educate Challenge


Before the school closed for the Term 2 holidays, some of our bright students took part in the Educate 3D Challenge, an online contest on, that encouraged

students and teachers from South East Asia to come up with 3D Printing ideas that could inspire other schools on how to use 3D Printing in their classrooms.


Entries were judged on popular and favourite phenomenal ideas based on the question ‘How Would You Use 3D Printing to Make Education More Engaging?’. By sharing their

creativity on Ideas Worth Making, our students were able to connect and share ideas and innovations from other students and teachers within the community.


The students involved in this contest were Gwen Clayton, Holly Manders Jones, Ashra Bhattarai, Carey Loh, Regina Kewo, Eve Weir, Jia Shwen Low, Akane Takeda, Min Pheng,

Max Chevelev and Kenjiro Kajita, Sarmad Al-Atabi and Ashley Boudeville. They successfully managed to win 1st and 2nd Prizes in the Most Popular School Projects category, winning a "Quick View" 3D scanner from Vagler & a 3D Software license; 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prizes in the Most Popular Learning Tool category, with a combined win of 3D Software vouchers worth S$500 on iMaterialize ; and 1st prize in the Jury Favourite Learning Tools, winning a 3D Software voucher worth S$250.


Congratulations to all students on their tremendous effort and time spent on formulating these ideas. All prizes will be delivered in September 2015.


For information on their winning entries, please click here :