Co curricular activities program


Extending our young explorers with a rich co curricular program

Our co curricular activities are designed not only to extend your child’s opportunities to explore their potential, but also to coach them for academic, sporting or performing arts excellence. 

We offer more than 60 activities and clubs for students to choose from. Many do not require additional payment as they are run by our teachers with expertise in these fields. Outside specialists run other activities, for which there is a fee. Most activities take place on Monday to Thursday afternoons from 3.20 pm to 4.20 pm. 

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Co curricular activities for Nursery to Year 1

Australian International School Malaysia students take part in sporting competitions such as AISA and ISAC

For our young learners from Nursery and Year 1, we believe it is important to provide a nurturing environment with children of similar ages. These young learners can attend Crèche where we do activities that promote learning and physical wellbeing through play. Activities include ‘show and tell’, sand pit play and musical chairs. This also enables younger children to go home with older siblings doing co curricular activities.

Year 1 and above co curricular activities program

All our students are encouraged to participate in at least one activity each semester (half year). 


Sports available include basketball, soccer, cricket, badminton, rugby, volleyball, softball, netball, touch football, swimming, ten pin bowling, rock climbing, parkour and yoga.

We also offer boxing as a fitness training only – there is no body contact or sparring in this activity.

Interschool competitions

Many of our sporting activities include opportunities for our students to take part in interschool competitions such as the International Schools Athletic Conference (ISAC), Australian International Schools Association (AISA) and Majlis Sukan Selangor State (MSSS) Championships.

Students are also trained to compete internationally with other Australian International Schools in the region through the Australian International Schools Association (AISA).  AISA includes from Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates.

These competitions mean our students can compete in a wide range of sports, spending time with fellow Australian international school students from other countries and their families. Our students, who are all trained by our coaches, also experience international level competition. 

AISM has a track record of developing top triathletes and athletes who have won medals and trophies in competitions such as The Metasprint Series Singapore, Xterra Malaysia Race Series, Penang Bridge International Marathon and Compressport International Schools' Triathlon Series.

Martial arts

Our martial arts activities - Taekwondo, Aikido and Karate - allow our students to learn the martial art skills and techniques to build strength and stamina. They also help improve self esteem and discipline.

Visual arts, multimedia and crafts

We have a wide range of arts activities such as jewellery making, rag work and weaving, batik painting, scrap booking, creative design, mosaic art, clay, glass painting, oil painting, video game design and Adobe Photoshop workshops.

Each term there are different activities so our students can try a range of media, skills and techniques.

Performing Arts

Our performing arts activities include orchestra, choir, the beginner band, the instrumental academy, a jazz rock ensemble, chamber music, strings, musical productions, speech and drama, dance and ballet.

More information about these activities be found in our Arts section


Robotics engineering deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots as well as computer systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing.

Students are motivated to think outside the box with these activities. The robot kits will then be theirs to keep, take home and housetrain.


Students have the opportunity to explore the world of science, enjoy fun experiments and take something home each week in the ScienceWerkz program, run by trained facilitators.

Topics include: the science of toys, energy, basic chemistry, sea creatures, inertia, measurement, robotics and electricity.

Academic extension programs

Our co curricular extension programs include Model United Nations, World Scholar’s Cup and KL Novel Knockout, all of which are competitive activities.

Model United Nations

Model United Nations (MUN) is a global forum where our students to take part in a simulation of a United Nations Conference to discuss and resolve real world issues.

MUN has been running for decades and has given students all over the world a chance to have their voices and opinions heard. AISM attends The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) Singapore Conference annually. The forum helps students gain confidence in public speaking and group work, while providing students with a good grounding in current events.

World Scholars Cup

The World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) is a global academic competition for school students, which provides opportunity for the best and brightest minds to represent their school in a challenging environment.

The students involved compete in essay writing, multiple choice, a team quiz and debate competitions, meeting and competing with students from across the globe in the process.

Performing arts activities in our co curricular activities program

Performing Arts are an important part of our Co Curricular Activities program, ensuring your child has a wide and varied opportunities to explore and develop their potential. 

Performing Arts activities included are:

  • The annual Senior School and Middle School productions which include opportunities for budding actors, musicians, and set and production specialists. You can view our 2015 productions
  • Junior School Speech and Drama
  • Dance
  • Middle School Vocal Ensemble
  • AISM Young Voices Choir
  • AISM Orchestra
  • Rock Club
  • Indian Classical Instrument
  • Ukulele

Your child can choose which co-curricular activities they would like to join after schooling hours  from 3.20pm to 4.20pm, with some activities also taking place before school.

Other activities

Other activities include cooking, board games, the yearbook group, where students design and manage the production of our annual yearbook, and many more.

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