Academic Success

Since 2000, AISM has been delivering the Australian Curriculum, setting high standards in international education in Malaysia. All our students are taught using the Visible Learning™ Approach, that is proven the world over and today, AISM is recognised as the first Certified Visible Learning school in the world.

Students are offered a broad range of enriching experiences which includes academics, leadership development, thinking skills, co-curricular, internationalism, service learning, career planning and character-building programs.

Australian Curriculum

The Australian curriculum recognises the central importance of disciplinary knowledge, skills and understanding, general capabilities and cross-curricular priorities.

Internationally Recognised Curriculum

Our curriculum is rated as a ‘high quality, high equity’ by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). Utilising a globally recognised University ranking score (ATAR), our international school’s Higher School Certificate (HSC) allows admission to universities everywhere.

Preparing 21St Century Explorers

Our program offers more than just the gaining of academic knowledge and skills. Intercultural understanding, ethics, critical and creative thinking, and digital skills are embedded within our offering. We provide a wide range of subject options in the senior years, which enables our students to maintain a broad focus, opening up more university options and career opportunities.

Developing Well Rounded Global Citizens

Our curriculum is built on the goal of promoting equity and excellence, so as to develop successful learners, confident and creative individuals, and well-informed active citizens.

50/50 Assessment

The HSC is based on 50% school based assignments, exams and projects, and 50% on an external exam. Universities and educationalists have recognised ongoing assessments. Rather than ‘teaching to the test’, we teach according to your child’s needs.

Visible Learning

Visible Learning is an evidence-based approach to teaching and learning developed following the largest research into teaching ever undertaken.

Professor John Hattie’s study enables teachers to focus their efforts on teaching strategies that have the greatest effect on student academic outcomes and achievements.

The principles of Visible Learning have informed teaching practices and formed the basis of teacher training courses for many years in schools across New Zealand and Australia. This has also been embraced in other parts of the world, such as Scandinavia and the United States. AISM is the first school in the world to achieve the status of being a fully certified Visible Learning school, due to the commitment of the teachers and leaders to ensuring that students receive the very best education possible.

Our students and teachers share a common language of learning, where learning intentions and success criteria are clear, feedback is valued and self-assessments for improvement are constant. As a result, our students are adaptable and effective communicators, collaborators and creative thinkers.


about how they learn and how they can improve


for feedback about their learning


questions about learning and participate in learning discussions


to ideas about learning
from their peers

Digital Learning

Technology at AISM is used to serve and enhance learning, rather than being an end to itself. Digital fluency is a core learning objective in all academic areas, and is learnt in a way that is relevant to each subject.

Our Commitment To Keeping Up To Date With New Technologies

Digital technology is fast changing, and we constantly review new technologies for use in learning. If new developments in technology promise to enrich the learning of our students, we are committed to exploring and pursuing them.

Affordable Digital Devices For Our School Community

Our partnerships with authorised Apple reseller, Network Hub, allows parents and students to buy affordable digital devices through the online store for our school community. Once an order has been placed, Network Hub will arrange for the equipment to be delivered to school for parents to pick up.

Digital Learning In Our School


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