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AISM has produced many graduates who have made an impact in the world at large. Get to know all our illustrious alumni from all over the world.

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  • Kimberly Kam

    University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia
    • Year 12 Class of 2018
    • Top 5 Student HSC 2018

    Kimberley graduated from AISM in 2018, having been a student at the School for 11 years. She will soon begin studying her Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Australia.

    In school, Kimberley was an all-rounder student, having excelled in sports as well as academics, with an impressive ATAR score of 95.05 in the recent HSC examinations. She feels the Australian curriculum is more open and moves away from the traditional ways of studying where it is always focused on exams, and trying to memorise all the facts. Here, there is an equal weight to assessments and exams, hence it broadens the capabilities of how much a student can do. It’s a great way to prepare us as students when we go into university life, which practises a similar way of assessments.

  • Rebecca Choy

    Taylor’s University School of Medicine
    • Year 12 Class of 2010
    • Medical Officer

    Dr Rebecca Choy received a scholarship from Taylor’s University School of Medicine to pursue her Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS).

    She is now a Medical Officer under the Ministry of Health Malaysia working at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kota Kinabalu touching the lives of people in Sabah.

  • Alana Miller-Foote

    Bachelor of Arts, University of Melbourne, Australia
    • Drama Enthusiast

    Alana Miller-Foote was nominated for OnSTAGE, a showcase of exemplary performance from Higher School Certificate Drama Examinations during her time at AISM.

    After graduating, she pursued her Bachelor of Arts with the University of Melbourne. In her second year, she developed an interest in Speech Therapy as a potential future career path, and decided to major in Linguistics. The final semester of her degree was completed in 2015 through an international exchange program at University College in Dublin, Ireland.

    After spending time travelling around Europe and Asia in 2018, she returned to Melbourne and worked in management roles across two different fields, one in retail and one in hospitality. She says that her experience as a student in AISM played an integral role in preparing her for university and life beyond school, as it taught her to always celebrate the multitude of ways that diversity manifests itself.

  • Jennifer Yeo

    Deakin University, Victoria, Australia.
    • Year 12 Class of 2005
    • Financial Manager & CEO of Meat Bowls Pvt Ltd, Singapore

    Jennifer graduated from AISM in 2005 after completing the Higher School Certificate (HSC), which led to her tertiary education at Deakin Univerisity, Victoria, Australia, pursuing her Bachelor of Commerce. She has worked in several international organisations such as American Express, Price Waterhouse-Coopers, and SIA Partners in Singapore. She is currently employed as the Manager of Risk Assurance (Financial Services) in Ernst & Young, Singapore.

    Jennifer’s passion for animals also led her to set up her own business, Meat Bowls Pvt. Ltd, which specialises in the preparation and sale of pet food using 100% organic and ethically-farmed ingredients.

  • Timothy Millar

    Double Degree (Politics & International Relations / Communications & Media), University of Canberra
    • Alumni (2010-2018)

    The community in AISM is very close-knit and I have very fond memories here since Year 4. I was active in touch rugby, and also in academic competitions such as The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) and World Scholar’s Cup (WSC), which has sparked my passion in International Relations.

  • Petra Tang

    Bachelor of Laws LLB (Honours), University of Warwick, United Kingdom; Utrecht University, Netherlands
    • Year 12 Class of 2012
    • Lawyer in UK

    Petra Tang was awarded a full scholarship to read law at the University of Warwick, United Kingdom, during which she was able to spend a year at Utrecht University, Netherlands, on the Erasmus scheme focusing on international and European law.

    While at AISM, she was Year 12 School Captain and had successfully competed at the World Scholar’s Cup as part of the AISM Debating Team. She had been listed on NESA’S HSC Distinguished Achiever’s List for Modern History and Legal Studies. She was a pianist with the Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra and was awarded a Diploma in Music Performance from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (DipABRSM). She had also undergone an internship with the Law Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department in Malaysia.

  • Daniel Hakem

    Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, Malaysia
    • Student from 2005 – 2018
    • Class of 2018

    As a student of AISM for 13 years, I have noticed a multitude of change including new buildings, facilities, as well as my own continuous progress academically, musically and artistically. My experience of being a part of the major musical production, ‘Into the Woods’ really brought out my passion for theatre. My time here has molded me into a passionate and confident critical thinker.

  • Ashwen Parthiban

    University of Manchester, England
    • Year 12 Class of 2014
    • Top 2% in 2014 HSC Results & Future Engineer

    After graduating, Ashwen was accepted into the University of Manchester, England where he completed his Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering, and is currently pursuing his Masters in the same field. He is currently interning at the Royal Bank of Scotland in Edinburgh.

    In 2014, Ashwen was recognised as one of the top 2% of all students in Australia and around the world for the Higher School Certificate (2014) examination (ATAR Score of 98.35%). He was AISM’s 2014 School Captain who played soccer for inter-school and international competitions.

  • Kevin Kam

    University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia
    • Year 12 Class of 2014
    • UNSW Scholarship Recepient, Double Degree & Developed a Solar-powered Car

    Kevin is a scholarship student of UNSW, having been awarded the Academic Achievement Award (AAA), recognising the highest scoring student in their respective school. He was an active member of the biggest student led university project, the UNSW Solar Racing Team Sunswift where he helped develop a solar-powered car.

    Kevin has completed his first degree in Mechanical Engineering and is currently pursuing his second degree in Computer Science (majoring in Artificial Intelligence).

  • Gregor Moonen

    University of Canterbury, New Zealand
    • Year 12 Class of 2014
    • Engineering Intern

    Gregor Moonen, hailing from the Netherlands, graduated from AISM in 2014. After obtaining his Higher School Certificate (HSC), he left for Christchurch, New Zealand to pursue his Bachelor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Canterbury.

    He recently completed his internship at the Auckland office for Beca, an international engineering firm. His vast experience with micro electronics include the production of printed circuit boards, soldering and programming micro-controllers. He was also part of the team responsible for the make of a Light Bridge Timer for the University of Canterbury Motorsport Clubs Racing Car.

  • Choo Khai Kern

    University of the West of England (UWE-Bristol)
    • Year 12 Class of 2015
    • Taylors / GE Scholarship Recipient

    Khai Kern joined AISM from the Royal Military College (RMC) Malaysia and upon graduation was awarded the Taylor’s World Class Scholarships(TWCS) in partnership with General Electric (GE) to pursue his Honours Degree in Marketing. The GE World Scholarship is given to deserving students who are outstanding individuals with strong interpersonal skills and leadership capability.

    In 2017, he also volunteered in Bario, Sarawak, under an organisation named Project WHEE, an initiative that advocates for the sustainability of rural communities. He says it was a unique experience interacting with community locals on a personal level, and the combination of physical and cultural experience had provided him much knowledge and skills to better serve communities in the future.

  • Brian Nkose

    University of the West of England (UWE-Bristol)
    • Year 12 Class of 2009
    • Sound & Film Production is USA

    Brian returned to Johannesburg, South Africa, where he enrolled in a film school for 3 years. His strong passion for music led him to study Sound Design and Engineering, and he had also worked as a Television Sound Design Lecturer at South African School of Motion Picture and Life Performance.

    During his time in Malaysia, he spent most of his time behind a computer, making tunes and creating beats with various softwares, and has been producing records ever since. In 2001, he moved to Los Angeles, USA and graduated with a Master of Fine Arts to further pursue his dreams of becoming an established artist in his career. Today, he is the Owner and Director of Raw X Studios, involved in sound production and design for short films and commercials.

  • Adam Khalid

    Formula 4 Driver
    • Year 12 Class of 2016

    Adam Khalid is a professional race car driver who was chosen by the Formula One Renault Team to be a driver ambassador in their Formula 4 South East Asia Champion under the F4 Development Programme, which is the first step for young drivers looking to transition from go-karters into formula racing, giving them the foundation they need to get into GT racing or Formula1.

    He is currently in Malaysia, and takes parts in several car racing competitions in and out of the country.

  • Amin Ghaleiha

    University of Waikito, New Zealand
    • Year 12 Class of 2012
    • PhD Student in Psychology

    Amin has been studying in New Zealand since graduating from AISM in 2012. He has a degree majoring in Psychology, and recently completed his Masters in the same field.

    Currently, he is pursuing his PhD in Psychology at the University of Waikito, New Zealand and also works as a mental health facilitator with people with mental disabilities. He also tutors at a university. In his free time, he plays soccer and touch football.

  • Celina Lim

    Aberystwyth University, University of St. Andrews, United Kingdom
    • Year 12 Class of 2014
    • Science Whiz

    After her HSC, Celina completed her Bachelor’s in Environmental Earth Science in Aberystwyth University, and is now doing her Master’s Degree in Geochemistry in the renowned University of St. Andrews, one of UK’s top 3 universities.

    In AISM, she enjoyed playing badminton, volleyball, softball, and was in the Orchestra. She says AISM gave her the opportunity to get ready for the diversities in university life abroad. Her years at the school encouraged her to showcase her talents and challenge herself in in every way possible.

  • Arunasva Bhuyan

    University of Ottawa, Canada
    • Year 12 Graduating Class of 2017
    • Future Software Engineer

    Arunasva graduated at the top of his class for the Year 12 HSC examinations in 2017. He went on to pursue his Bachelor of Applied Science in Software Engineering in the University of Ottawa, Canada.

    He represented AISM in several World Scholar’s Cup in the Debate Team, which went on to win individual and team awards. He also participated in the ISAC (International Schools Athletic Conference) Games in the badminton team in 2016.

  • Daweena Tia Motwany

    Australian National University (ANU)
    • Year 12 Class of 2014
    • CEO of Duoro Communications

    Daweena is pursuing her Masters of International Affairs at the Australian National University (ANU).

    She is also CEO of Duoro Communication, which aims to develop individuals into confident English language speakers through conversations and prepare them for the professional working arena.

  • Atsuko Sunaga

    Auckland University of Technology
    • Year 12 Class of 2015
    • CEO of Duoro Communications

    Atsuko Sunaga graduated from AISM in 2015 and was accepted into Auckland University of Technology. She was the school’s Female Vice-Captain and was actively involved in girls touchball, netball, volleyball and basketball. She also performed in the school’s Jazz band for school even such as AISM Rocks and out of school performances in the Malaysian Australian Alumni Council Gala Dinner.

  • Osama Khan

    Rawalpindi Medical University, Pakistan
    • Year 12 Class of 2010
    • Future Surgeon

    After completing his Higher School Certificate (HSC) from AISM, Osama moved to Pakistan at the end of 2011 to join a medical school in the city of Rawalpindi, just adjacent to Pakistan’s capital of Islamabad. He completed his MBBS degree at the start of 2017, and started his housemanship at the Pakistan Railway Hospital, Rawalpindi.

    After completion of his housemanship, Osama was offered a job in the Surgery Department of Pakistan Railway Hospital, Rawalpindi as a Medical Officer. He has been working there ever since and has been gaining valuable hands-on experience, which is beneficial as he would like to specialise in the field of Surgery, specifically Orthopaedics, somewhere in the near future. He hopes to move to the UK next year to pursue his medical career and specialisation too.

    I was in the teams for soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton and touch rugby. And as for my favourite subject, I loved Physics, Biology, English and Design & Technology.

  • Sofia Hanim

    School of Visual Arts, New York, USA
    • Year 12 Class of 2007
    • Aspiring Filmmaker

    Once Sofia graduated from AISM, she moved to New York City, USA and enrolled in the School of Visual Arts to study the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Video. She pursued her dreams and became a successful filmmaker. The passion to create film became her drive, and her desire to show her identity sparked her goal to inspire others around the world and produce films created from the heart that expresses “Me” the best way possible.

    She has worked as an Assistant Director, Writer and even directed numerous films that have been screened in are also film festivals in America and South America. Her film, OMBAK, was the first Malaysian film show previewed in SVA’s biggest film festival. One of her short clips was previewed at the Dusty Film and Animation Festival in New York, United States in May 2018.

    In AISM, Sofia spent her time participating in the Model United Nations (THIMUN) and also ccompleted the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award.

  • Yasmin Dall

    Bachelor of Interior Design, Royal Melbourne Institute Technology (RMIT) Australia
    • Year 12 Class of 2009
    • Aspiring Filmmaker

    Yasmin graduated with first-class honours in her Bachelor of Interior Design from RMIT Australia in 2013. She went on to work as an Interior designer for Fender Katsalidis Architects, Melbourne focusing on multi-residential and residential projects.

    Currently, she is employed as a designer with Russell & George, an internationally recognised and award winning design practice employing architects, designers, theorists, strategists and urbanists.

  • Caroline Wathoni

    Phaa College of Hairdressing and Beauty, Nairobi, Kenya, Africa
    • Year 12 Class of 2016

    Caroline completed her HSC in 2016 and returned to her home country to pursue her passion for fashion and hairdressing. She is now enrolled in the Phaa College of Hairdressing and Beauty.

  • Dilwen Ding

    University of Waterloo, Canada
    • Year 12 Class of 2017
    • Chess Master & Future Financial Controller

    Dilwen Ding is pursuing his Bachelor in Actuarial Science in Canada and has participated in several international, regional and national chess tournaments and has an impressive string of awards to go with it. One of his highest achievements was when he emerged as Champion in the 10th Asian Schools Championships in Taiwan in 2014 which saw participants from over 11 countries worldwide. The achievement awarded him a FIDE (Federation Internationale des Echecs) Master Title by the World Chess Federation. When he was 14 years old, he earned a Bronze medal at the World Youth Under 16 Chess Olympiad in Turkey, Istanbul, with over 1000 participants from 34 countries.

    He is also a state representative, representing Kuala Lumpur for 6 years in MSSM (Majlis Sukan Sekolah Malaysia/Inter-state School Malaysia) competitions, supported by Ministry of Sport, Malaysia. In 2017, he came in 3rd in the 2017 Open (Adult) Malaysian Chess Championships, where he was invited to have dinner with the World Grand Chess Master, Anatoly Karpov.

  • Dr Caryn Tay

    University of Melbourne, Australia
    • Year 12 Class of 2009
    • Medical Doctor in Australia

    In 2009, Caryn Tay graduated with an ATAR score of 97.0, and won the University of Melbourne New Generation International Undergraduate Scholarship 2010 to study Biomedicine. She went on to complete her Doctor of Medicine in the same university until completion in 2016.

    She has served as a doctor in Albury Wodong Health Hospital, New South Wales, and is currently working with the Ballarat Health Services, in Victoria, Australia.

    She says that AISM has a large emphasis on body and mind development, which has helped her in self development. She feels that the Australian curriculum taught her how to think on her feet and work independently.

  • Seo Yiie Lyn

    University of Melbourne, Australia
    • Year 12 Class of 2015
    • Future Medical Doctor

    Yiie Lynn graduated from her Higher School Certificate with an ATAR score of 97.45. She is currently in her 4th year of Bachelor of Medicine (MBBS) at Melaka Manipal Medical College based in Muar, Johor, Malaysia and previously studied in Manipal, India.

    As a drama enthusiast who has won many drama competitions locally, she has been instrumental in the formation of a drama club in her previous school in Melaka. One of the things she loves about AISM is the black box theatre. She says that studying in AISM gave her the opportunity to think out of the box rather than just learn from textbooks.

  • Zack Sze

    Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia
    • Year 12 Class of 2013
    • Scholarship Recipient from Le Corden Bleu & Chef

    AISM alumni Year 2013, Zack Sze won a scholarship to pursue his Diploma in Cuisine from Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia in a competition organised by the Australian Trade Commission of Malaysia.

    AISM alumni Year 2013, Zack Sze won a scholarship to pursue his Diploma in Cuisine from Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia in a competition organised by the Australian Trade Commission of Malaysia.

    He is currently a Chef de Partie in a Japanese restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.

  • Mark Ryan De Vries

    University of the West of England (UWE-Bristol)
    • Year 12 Class of 2013
    • Business Professional in UK

    Mark graduated from AISM in 2013 and then accepted into the University of the West of England, Bristol, UK to study a Business and Events Management degree.

    He is currently employed with Red Rock Consulting in the UK.

  • Maverlyn Tan

    Maastricht University, Netherlands
    • Year 12 Class of 2015
    • Marketing Intern in Netherlands

    Maverlyn graduated in 2015 and moved to the Netherlands to pursue her Bachelor of International Business with Maastrict University.

    After her studies, she worked as a Social Activities Coordinator at SCOPE Maastricht, and has interned in the Marketing Department with Mondelēz International.

    In AISM, Maverlyn enjoyed the learning environment especially the collaboration among students and teachers. She was active in music and was a pianist in the school’s Year 12 Band, performing in school events and out of school performances at the Malaysian Australian Alumni Council Gala Dinner in 2015. She was also a Prefect in the Senior Student Leadership Team and was active in basketball and netball.

  • Marino Nishihara

    Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts, Japan
    • Year 12 Class of 2017
    • Arts Enthusiast

    Marino came to Malaysia from her previous school in Japan, with minimal knowledge of the English language. Upon her graduation in 2017, Marino said she had a lot of study support and guidance from her peers and teachers, which resulted in her being more confident in using the English language.

    Her exposure to the arts through subjects like Visual Arts and Design and Technology encouraged her to pursue a Bachelor of Liberal Arts at the Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts in Japan.

  • Ajit Lim

    University of Nottingham Malaysia
    • Year 12 Class of 2015
    • Multimedia Designer

    Ajit enrolled at the University of Nottingham Malaysia pursuing Applied Science and Management Studies. He also received the Nottingham Advantage Award Recipient 2017/2018 which provides undergraduates with the experience to work with employers and obtain guidance to increase employability.

    Currently, Ajit is working with an NGO called Nalanda that focuses on education. As a Management associate, he produces videos, multimedia designs and handles the social media department.

    Ajit developed his flair for video and animation at AISM, and in 2012, he also participated in the Saigon Student Film Festival, hosted by Australian International School Saigon (AIS) Vietnam winning the Most Outstanding film of the festival.

  • Oh Hyun Wook

    Vancouver Community College, British Columbia, Canada
    • Year 12 Class of 2014
    • Hospitality Management Program

    Hyun Wook graduated in 2014 after his HSC and moved to Canada to study a 2-year Hospitality Management Program at the Vancouver Community College, Downtown Campus in Vancouver, British Columbia. He graduated in 2017 and is now working as a cook.